Whether you are looking for:

a new job, a new career path, a better overall health and vitality, an even better personal life, and even searching for the answer to the big question :

“What is the meaning of my life?" -

choosing to have a trustful professional partner by your side is

the fast track way to achieve anything, from small to big.

Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

Welcome! Bienvenue - this is the start of a Joyful Life

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it's all about empowerment

  • Shape the life of your choice with Joy

  • Learn techniques to autonomous health

  • Reprogram your neural path for a life free from limiting beliefs and self sabotage

  • Discover the magic within you to achieve anything

My Story

I am French and a Life Lover with strong values such as Freedom, Harmony and Self-respect. ​My passion is to teach simple tools to develop your autonomy on your journey.

I have developed a unique holistic coaching approach combining my personal experience, the latest neurosciences research, spirituality, energy psychology, energy medicine, hypnosis and aromatherapy to help you to optimize your mind, body, emotion and spirit potential.

As a Wellness Coach, I accompany you to explore, develop and implement the meaningful and lasting strategies to shape the life that makes sense to you.

Certified Wellness Coach, specialized in Motivational Neurosciences. Metaphysician Practitioner. Certified Expert in Advanced Hypnosis and Acupoint Tapping practitioner, Practitioner of Donna Eden Energy Medicine.

Delphine Deflandre Holistic Coach


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" You were able to guide me without influencing me." - Fatimazzahra

"I no longer have self-doubt and my confidence is noticed by both my clients and co-workers." - Peg

"Merci encore pour ta bienveillance et ton don pour capter certaines choses. Je sors à chaque fois grandi de l’heure qu'on passe ensemble. Merci infiniment."- Christèle

"J’ai participé à un stage de Delphine Deflandre, sur le thème de la médecine énergétique (niveau 1). J’y ai appris beaucoup d’outils qui me sont très utiles à titre personnel ainsi qu’auprès de mes clients. Delphine est très pédagogue, à l’écoute."  - Martine

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Hypnosis is a natural modified state of consciousness. We naturally go into hypnosis every 90 minutes.

I integrate hypnosis in the sessions when it is necessary to go deeper into this natural state to tap into the unconscious mind resources to break bad habits, ease pain or change in other positive ways.

I also practice guided meditation with the clients who need to work on their stress level and find their inner peace.

& Meditation

Many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs use the services of a  coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

Using the latest research in neurosciences and working on the emotional, behavioral, mental and spiritual levels, I accompany you in shaping the life you desire through a lasting transformational process.


The Medicine is the Energy. The Energy is You.

Energy Medicine helps you optimize your body's natural capacities to heal itself and stay healthy.

Restoring and balancing your energy, keeping a seamless energy flow throughout your body, supports you in your daily life and during the different life events.


Eden Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Non-invasive, highly specific and with no side effects, energy interventions impact the body’s intricate electrochemical system as well as more subtle energies. I use Acupoint Tapping, to help my clients:

. overcome unwanted emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, jealousy, or anger

. change unwanted habits and behavior

. enhance the abilities to love, succeed, and enjoy life

Energy Psychology